Top 3 Winter Accessories for Living in Florida

While we may see more snowbirds than actual snow, we Florida girls still love dressing in seasonal fashions, especially when it comes to winter trends. But with temperatures that are often more balmy than chilly, it can be tricky (or even entirely impossible at times) to rock a head-to-toe winter ensemble. Cue the season-appropriate accessories! Though chunky sweaters and layers of cozy clothing are typically not an option for Florida winters, thoughtfully chosen additions can give any ensemble a toasty vibe, without adding too much actual warmth. Check out these top three seasonal accessories, perfect for those mild Florida winters.



Quintessential Winter Scarf

No matter where you live, a scarf is a staple of any winter wardrobe. To make this accessory work in warmer climates without fear of overheating, consider material before all else. If it’s too hot to wear a chunky, heavy scarf, Babble suggests trying one made of chiffon instead. The lighter fabric won’t weigh you down but will still give the effect of a cozy winter scarf. Alternately, try wearing your scarf in an unexpected way, such as knotting a skinny style around or neck like a tie, leaving it long and cinching with a belt, or tying it around your handbag. These styling tricks incorporate a scarf into your ensemble without adding too much warmth.

Ankle Boots

Boots may seem like an unlikely (and unnecessary) accessory for the typical Florida winter, but there is a style that is suitable for even the warmest weather: the ankle boot. With its low design, the ankle boot leaves much of the leg exposed, allowing for a look that is more temperature-appropriate and incredibly versatile. Pair with cuffed jeans, a midi skirt, or shorts and tights—the styling options are endless. To find your perfect Florida-appropriate pair (or to add another to your collection), Lyst’s rundown of the latest boot styles is a good place to start. With an extensive edit of the most popular trends, including the timeless ankle boot, you’ll find no lack of inspiration for ways to style this particular winter staple.

A Leather Jacket

This classic style offers just enough warmth for chilly Florida mornings and cooler than average evenings, without being quite as stifling as a wool pea coat or shearling lined jacket. Whether you prefer a soft and feminine finish or love a look with edge, the leather jacket is adaptable to every ensemble and fashion aesthetic. Layer the staple over a romantic sundress or fitted skirt, pair with skinny jeans and ankle boots, or mix it up by wearing with denim shorts and sneakers for a relaxed weekend look. To further winterize the leather jacket, Brit + Co recommends throwing a faux fur vest over your jacket for an unexpected twist. The fur accent will create a cozier look without the heat factor of a full fur or fur-lined outerwear option.




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