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IMG_8840IMG_8856Macaron Cafe in NYC // Shotguns & SeashellsMacaron Cafe in NYC // Shotguns & Seashells// top: Tibi // necklace: Fab Fan Sho // lips: Nar // macaroons: Macaron Cafe //

Well well well…We meet again Macaron Cafe! I got to try out the Macaron Cafe’s classic flavors this weekend and I was in macaroon heaven! The flavors were peanut butter + jelly, chocolate raspberry, vanilla, dark chocolate, coconut, and raspberry. Peanut butter + jelly and dark chocolate were naturally my all time favorites…I think I could eat them for the rest of my life and die happy.

To check my other post with them click here..and yes I know I said I’m going to visit them now that I’m in NYC and I’ve been here for 2 weeks but boy was I not expecting to be SO busy where I can barely make time for myself let alone blog. So give me a few weeks and I’ll be visit one of their beautiful NYC stores! Until then, snack on!



this post is sponsored by MacarOn Cafe but all opinions are my own

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