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MIA…that’s where I’ve been these past few days on social media. I’ve been in NYC for 5 days and boy has it been a whirlwind y’all! I’m missing my small hometown so much and I’m missing college in Alabama even more. Surely these feelings will all go away soon…but the first day I got here it really hit me hard and I was a frazzled mess. Like I had mascara down my face and nobody said hi to me in the dorm that I’m living it…but in their defense most of them don’t even speak english. But I was really taken back when I walked into the room I’ll be living in for 4 months. It’s the size of someones nice walk in closet…like a quarter of the size of the dorm room I lived in my freshman year at UA…for my Alabama readers…just think of Tutwiler a quarter of that size. Like I never though I’d say this but I miss Tutwiler!!! I also thought I’d be able to manage moving in on my own without my Moms help and that I did but I do wish she would have been here with me when I first got here. She would of saved me from being a crying mess with mascara down my face.

So today marks my first day of work…I start in an hour and a half and need to be on the subway in an hour…yet I’m sitting here writing…talk about priorities but I missed blogging even though it was just a quick 5 day break! For the next 4 months I will be interning at Tibi’s Retail store in Soho off Wooster street. If you are ever in the area PLEASE stop by and say hello…it would make my day!  I’m so excited to get to work so I can be a busy bee and learn how Tibi runs a store day t0 day! Plus, there is even a Chobani Yogurt place two blocks away from me and you can make your own yogurt and acai bowls..something I’m totally pumped to do every morning!

If you have any NYC recommendations please let me know!

I will report back later this week to let y’all know how my first week of work went!



My Life In The Big Apple

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  1. Aww I was EXACTLY the same last summer!! You’ll get settled in and be loving it, I’m sure! P.S. The app Hopstop is a life-saver for the Subway!

    Bars/food/places to visit: The Standard Rooftop (Le Bain), The Biergarten, Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, Magnolia Bakery (best banana pudding EVER!), Smorgasburg/Mad Square Eats (they alternate depending on the season and you will be obsessed, seriously!), Artichoke Basil Pizza, THE FRYING PAN (!!! order the white sangria!), Chelsea Market, 230 Fifth, Tao, Mondrian Soho Rooftop, Hotel Yotel (GREAT brunch), Dos Caminos, The Butcher’s Daughter, Jack’s Wife Freda, Emack and Bolio’s (best ice cream), Babycakes Cupcakes, Doughnut Plant, Momofuku, Eataly, Olio e Piu (the cutest little restaurant you will ever see, great italian!), Molly Cupcakes, Ayza (wine and dessert bar). There’s honestly so many good places it’s insane. My suggestion is to try out a ton of places cause there are so many to choose from and some will shock you with great stuff! If you just walk down the street you will see tons of happy hour signs, etc. Seriously, great food and bars are too easy to find there!!

    Shopping – Broadway is FAB, literally every shop you would ever want to go to and Spring Street (almost 99% positive, its a big area lol) has great boutiques! The Zara and Bloomingdales on the East Side are the best, btw! 🙂

    I spent so many days exploring, be sure to make time for it! On a nice day, grab some great food and go relax in Central Park before doing some shopping on the East Side! There are so many neat little places in CP, I found a new one everytime!!

    Ugh, missing it so much! If I head that way though (working on a plan to 🙂 ) I will be sure to let you know and we will have to meet up!!

    Hope this helps and if I think of any other places/things to do I will be sure to pass them along to you! <3

  2. Cherish the time you’re there! It’ll go by slowly, at first – but as soon as you get set into a routine and make friends, the time will fly by!! You’ll do great and learn so much, this seems like such an exciting internship… and you’re in NY! Live it up and learn a lot! =)

  3. I’m so happy for you & I hope that you enjoy your internship because it will be an experience you’ll never have elsewhere. Small apartments & rooms are the most talked about factor of living in such a crowded city like New York…seriously I’ve only heard about SMALL ASS apartments and I’m over here in my bathroom like can this room get bigger? #firstworldproblems Enjoy your time & make sure to keep us posted…PS you telling everyone where you’re interning (on the internet) makes me nervous for you. I’m like a mom, but please be careful!! xx

  4. AHHHH how cool is that?!! I know the feeling of being homesick though and out of place, so I hope you adjust soon… I know you will! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  5. So awesome! You are going to have an amazing experience and don’t worry, you will find your niche group and feel at home before you know it. Good luck!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  6. omg! How sad! I can’t imagine going to live in NYC! It’s a super fun place to visit but so overwhelming! Definitely have tea at the Plaza, so fun! Brunch at the Boat House in Central Park is amazing too! I’m slightly jealous that you are there for the summer! I’m sure you will make lots of memories and hopefully friends quickly! Best of luck! xo

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