Unity Alley Boutique Comforts

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 Thank you c/o Unity Alley Boutique Comforts for this beautiful throw

This throw is great y’all! Unity Alley Boutique Comforts is all about comfort…obviously it says it in the name! Based in New Jersey these beautiful USA made organic and recycled cotton throws run for $125! These throws are also machine washable. I have the Interlocking Octagons in Navy to match my bedroom. It literally goes perfectly with my room y’all!

Here’s whats even greater…they are offering y’all a 25% off discount with the code BLOGREVIEW at checkout! They make all different colors and patterns. They even do custom orders and smaller sizes for babies. I’m going to be sleeping on cloud 9 for the rest of my life.

Also, they make the perfect beach blanket or if you want to lay out and watch the stars one night by a fire…having them machine washable makes it easy for dual use!

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