Bikini Season

Bikini Season
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Besides being addicted to cowboy boots and nail polish, I also happen to be slightly addicted to bikinis.  Since I grew up in Florida I can honestly say that I was in a bikini at least 75% of my childhood, and until I was about 6 I didn’t wear tops (one pieces were never an option in my book either). I still continue to be in a bikini 75% of the time when I’m home but clearly I wear tops now. Summer or winter it doesn’t matter the season — as long as the sun is out! I love nothing more than soaking up the sun and getting vitamin D.
After all getting a tan is the best medicine around!
Hope you enjoy my favorite bikinis!

3 thoughts on “Bikini Season

  1. I very much agree that getting a little sunshine can be the best fix! This year was my first year at UA. Although the Alabama winters aren’t that bad I found myself missing the Florida sunshine all the time!

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